About the meeting

Dear colleagues, 

We got the opportunity to organize EHPRG meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, again after 12 years. 

The 59th European High Pressure Research Group Meeting on High Pressure Science and Technology (EHPRG2022) will be held in Uppsala,  Sweden, from 5th to 8th September 2022

Important dates

Meeting sessions will be held virtually. The 59th EHPRG intends to be a large scope conference, in line with the rapid increase of high pressure activities in  all areas of Physics, Chemistry, Food Science, Geosciences, Material Research, and Biosciences. 

We are happy to invite you virtually to Uppsala University, Sweden, and to welcome you to attend the EHPRG2022 meeting on high pressure science and  technology. 

Come to share the hottest topics and latest discoveries and advances in the field of high pressure. 

We are looking forward to meeting you in September 2022.


The European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) was established in the sixties of the last century to support a development of both the basic as well as the applied high pressure research by the annual meetings. To create a close contact of all the workers in scientific and technological high pressure disciplines, the wide scope of the EHPRG conferences is traditional and characteristic feature of these meetings. A relatively rapid increase of high pressure activities in almost all areas of Physics, Geosciences, Material Research, Chemistry and namely in Biosciences during the last decades demands a similarly rapid exchange of knowledge in high pressure research and technology. The results of high pressure studies are irreplaceable in the basic research and very inspiring for industrial technologies. This is a reason why we intend to keep the traditional wide scope of the conference.


  • High pressure studies in the earth and planetary sciences
  • High pressure mineral physics, chemistry and geochemistry
  • High pressure spectroscopy and instrumentation including ultra-high pressure generation
  • Energy materials under high pressure: experiment and theory
  • Superconductivity and hydrogen rich materials under high pressure: experiment and theory
  • New techniques at large scale facilities like synchrotrons and neutron high pressure facilities and shock wave experiments
  • Theoretical prediction of high pressure phases and deep/machine learning approach for extreme conditions
  • High pressure life and biosciences
  • Food science and technologies
  • Magnetic materials, high entropy alloys, supercritical fluids and amorphous materials under pressure
  • Interdisciplinary area in high-pressure science and technology
  • and so on.


The local organizing committee at Uppsala University, Sweden

Wei Luo